Thursday, April 7, 2011

An update and some links

Hey all,

Its been a hell of a long time since I last wrote and that’s probably because its been a while since I actually read real world economics and not a text book.  And while I was tempted to write about what I was learning, it always turned out too bookish to be a blog post. So many posts were started and abandoned, some forever, and some which I may revive when the opportunity presents itself.

As things stand at the moment, I may be in a position to get back to reading up on real world economics and once I am up to steam on what I have missed, writing again. It shouldn’t take too long; not much has changed except for my perception. So to ease into it, I’ll be sharing the most interesting facts and perspectives I come across for the next few days. So here goes,

A market for everything – Meteorite fragments for sale!!

An experiment in parking charges – on the right track, but will it work?

How the world’s economic centre of gravity is shifting.

$1,700: The annual benefit the average American derives from personal computers – Just a thought on pricing, though. It seems Apple would like to corner most of this benefit, which makes the net benefit to a Mac owner much lower than that of an average PC owner… Hmmm…

Don Boudreaux; Trade & Borders – Just one of his endless rants… My comment is numbered 14th…

Don Boudreaux: Costs are not benefits – Of course they aren’t! My comment is numbered 12th… and for a more well thought out point of view, read this (pdf)

And finally, via Greg Mankiw


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  1. Hi Rajiv,

    I was googling you up, when I found this blog. I wonder if you remember me; but I was the young and confused student whom Fanny from SEBI referred you to; and you and Nitish Sikand counselled when you were at Lotus. I'm now doing my MBA and am in my second year at GIM, Goa.

    Apart from staying in touch, I'd like to say thanks again, 'cos I probably wouldn't have got here had it not been for you guys! :)