Thursday, April 7, 2011

An update and some links

Hey all,

Its been a hell of a long time since I last wrote and that’s probably because its been a while since I actually read real world economics and not a text book.  And while I was tempted to write about what I was learning, it always turned out too bookish to be a blog post. So many posts were started and abandoned, some forever, and some which I may revive when the opportunity presents itself.

As things stand at the moment, I may be in a position to get back to reading up on real world economics and once I am up to steam on what I have missed, writing again. It shouldn’t take too long; not much has changed except for my perception. So to ease into it, I’ll be sharing the most interesting facts and perspectives I come across for the next few days. So here goes,

A market for everything – Meteorite fragments for sale!!

An experiment in parking charges – on the right track, but will it work?

How the world’s economic centre of gravity is shifting.

$1,700: The annual benefit the average American derives from personal computers – Just a thought on pricing, though. It seems Apple would like to corner most of this benefit, which makes the net benefit to a Mac owner much lower than that of an average PC owner… Hmmm…

Don Boudreaux; Trade & Borders – Just one of his endless rants… My comment is numbered 14th…

Don Boudreaux: Costs are not benefits – Of course they aren’t! My comment is numbered 12th… and for a more well thought out point of view, read this (pdf)

And finally, via Greg Mankiw


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