Friday, August 6, 2010

Links for August 6, 2010


New post on my Business Standard Blog – Just what kind of money is this?

AMF Paper on Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability (PDF): Suggesting a new global currency and a path to its birth.

How Much Debt Should Households Have? – Economix Blog, NYTimes

Some inflation is good – AV Rajwade, Business Standard

The Road to Serfdom Is Lawlessness: Inside Goldman Sachs – Jesse’s Cafe Americain

Yen has edge over gold in battle for supremacy – Peter Tasker, Financial Times

The money-inflation connection: It's baaaack! – FRB Atlanta

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  1. mr rajwade makes no sense@little inflation is good.a little theft is good?
    he states that (food)inflation is a redistribution of wealth to the farmers -which is correct.but he is wrong in thinking this to be a societal good or something the "market fundamentalist" - apparently a heartless greedy soul -resents only because it is the farmer who is benefitting.
    farmers in india are net IMPORTERS of food.they grow one or two crops at the most and live on a subsistence farming mode.they are not diversified farms by any making ALL controlled food grains and veggies expensive (not to mention oil,sugar and other essential commodities),the farmers are the one who suffer the most.the only beneficiaries are rich farmers and perhaps contract farms who may be diversified.
    inflation,is always a bad idea.the way to get farmers out of their plight is improving productivity -not debasement of the money.
    surely,there is a long way to go when experts too have a nebulous idea of money