Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Economics 101-Make your Wife feel Beautiful

A while back, I committed one of the many unforgivable mistakes in marriage. I told my wife that she was fat. Well, not in so many words apparently, since I'm here writing about it. Like a good Punjabi, I told her she was 'healthy'.

Apart from the emotional mayhem, it's impact on the economics of my home was disastrous. It became apparent just this morning when I studied the contents of our bathroom shelf. Arranged, or rather spread out, on those shelves was an assortment of 6 facial cleansers, 4 shampoos, 3 conditioners, 2 body washes and a soap. Also, there were 2 facial moisturisers, a couple of sunscreens, a few full body moisturisers and a jar of some vague body toning cream. In comparison, I had a rich collection of 1 soap(glycerine) and a shampoo(anti-dandruff).

Her collection, built up slowly since my verbal accident befitted a small pharmacy and, undoubtedly, cost as much. Joining the dots, I realised that my foolhardy comment made her feel ugly, which she remedied by collecting toiletries which promised her beauty and a change in her husband's behaviour.

So much for honesty in marriage... It's easier, from every conceivable angle, to lie about your wife's appearance, unless the lie is worse than the truth. Apart from the obvious marital benefits, these lies can also result in increased savings.

So go ahead and flatter her. Who knows, you could probably save enough to buy that car you've been dreaming of!

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  1. A very noble thought indeed. But knowing women, I really wouldn't bet on it.
    It is quite likely that your flattering her will make her think that these products ACTUALLY WORK, which may lead to more money wasted on these cosmetics.