Sunday, March 14, 2010

A comeback! Well, sort of...

It's been a while since I registered this blog and made my first, and last post. Almost 9 months, really... No, I won't make a quip about babies at this point, but it is definitely about time that I started writing.

The idea behind this blog is very similar to the idea behind most blogs. I have things to say and no one seems to give a rat's backside when I try to do it in the traditional manner.

The title of the blog should ideally convey what I would like to write about, and I hope it does. But just so that there is clarity, I want to write about both Economics and Life, but most importantly, I want to write about the space in between. The space where either one touches the other.

To start afresh, I've deleted my first post, not because it was irrelevant, but because it was just too long to be one. Am posting the first part in the next few minutes and the rest will follow in time.

Till later then...

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